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Friday, November 29, 2013

Our 2013 assembly

This morning we performed our assembly to the school. Our theme was "Celebrating  2013"

Listen to our favourite part of our assembly!

Here is a movie about our assembly.....

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Today was wrap free Wednesday and we only had 8 people wrap free!!!!! Then we had 24 wraps out of 21 people!!!!!: (  I hope we get a much much much better score next week. Good luck to all the other classes ;  )
From Leah

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Today room7 had twelve out of nineteen people wrap free. That is . . . . . 63%. I'm sad to say that we had tewnty wraps out of nineteen!!!! I hope we don't have that much wraps next week. Let's see who wins wrap free wednesday ;)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Golf Lessons

Here is a video that Aaron put together about our second lesson of golf!

Flying teabag experiment

This is a flying tea bag!!! Try this at home (With an adult).

Why does the teabag fly?
Lighting the top of the teabag cylinder heats the air inside the cylinder. The air molecules start to move more quickly and spread out to take up more space. As the air molecules spread out, the air inside the cylinder becomes less dense. Warm, less dense air rises above cool, dense air. The ash of the teabag is light and doesn't require much force to lift it. As the warm, less dense air rises, it has enough force to lift the ash of the teabag.

Here is the link to the experiment http://www.planet-science.com/categories/experiments/surprise/2011/03/make-a-teabag-fly.aspx

Monday, November 4, 2013

Science Experiment

Golf Lessons

Today we learnt the skills of golf with Jason from Kiwi Sport.

Room 7, what did you enjoy most about our golf lessons?
Mrs N

Friday, November 1, 2013

Floating orange Experiment

Yesterday we conducted an experiment using oranges.

We asked the question "Will an orange float in water?" "Will a peeled orange float?"
First we predicted what we thought would happen.

We were amazed that the peeled orange sank to the bottom and the unpeeled oranges floated!!! It was because the orange that still had it's skin has air pockets in it's skin and therefore floats! Wow!