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Fun Songs

This song really has a powerful messgage about being just like a firework and taking charge of your own learning - showing people what you a worth!


  1. To room7

    I think those songs are really cool. Why did you put songs on your blog? your songs are really fun and catchy. My favorite song is camp rock. I like camp rock because I can sing it very well. I can't wait to sing it in our assembly. I think Toby did a great job finding all those cool songs. Can you tell me what you know about songs. Maybe you could write about what you know for home learning.

    from Leah

  2. To room7
    WOW mrs N you put on two new songs on the blog with out telling me.Why did you not tell me?Those songs are really fun.I just watched a true friend.
    from Leah

  3. Hi Leah
    Did I surprise you by adding in new songs?
    A true friend is a great song isn't it?
    Mrs N

    Let me know if you find a great song and we can add it to our list!

  4. Hi RooM 7,

    I like all the songs. The best one that I like is a true friend.

    From Ashlee

  5. To Room7

    My favourite song is fireflys,
    From Makayla.

  6. To Room 7
    We think these songs are grovy and fun to sing.
    From C2 Glenholme Rotorua.

    Please check out our blog

  7. My favorite song is take to the sky.
    From Manaia.

  8. Wow, Room 7 - I love this page on your blog!!! I hope you don't mind if I copy your idea and do the same on our class blog. I know the children will love it as much as I do. Thanks


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