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Friday, May 25, 2012

Our musical stories about a storm

Our task was to create a musical story about a storm. We were only allowed to use our bodies to create sound.
We had to think about soft and loud sounds and what parts of our bodies would make each sound.

What did you enjoy about our musical stories? 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A really cool song about sound!

Sounds – Lyrics

Well now sounds are made, when objects vibrate
It’s not something you can always see
But air vibrates so make no mistake
That’s the sounds you hear, solid, liquid and through air
And it’s entering your ear, come on I know I’ve made myself clear

The pitch of the sound, how high or how low it goes
A short string gives a higher pitch sound
A tighter skin makes a higher sound on the drum
Now come on! Come on!

Well now sounds are made, when objects vibrate
It’s not something you can always see
But it is something that will always be
I know I’m not but if I was
An astronaut in space I couldn’t hear anything
It’s a vacuum the sound has no trace x2
Come on! Come on!

The sound has no trace
Now sounds are made, when objects vibrate
It’s not something you can always see
But air vibrates so make no mistake
That’s the sounds you hear, solid, liquid and through air
And it’s entering your ear, come on I know I’ve made myself clear

Well now sounds are made (I know I’m not but if I was)
When objects vibrate (An astronaut in space)
Well now sounds are made (I wouldn’t hear any thing)
When objects vibrate (It’s a vacuum the sound has no trace)

Our new ipod touch!

We are so lucky to have an ipod touch in our classroom.
Here are some of the ways we have used the ipod....

  • We have listened to our reading books
  • played maths, reading and spelling games
  • we have used the crosswords apps
  • we have taken photos of our speeches
We want to try...
  • taking videos
  • explore how to use it for writing
  • use it to show our thinking in maths (example writing fractions and showing others)
  • use the Internet to find information\
  • to put learning on our blogs
We are looking forward to using the ipod to help us with our learning! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What we have learnt about sound so far...

Victoria meant to say on the voice that the person at the back of the field can still hear the sound but after the closer person.
Sound can travel through water, air and solids.

We have just watched a video on sound (see our science tab on our class blog above) and have also learnt....
  • Sound travels as vibrating waves called sound waves (Courtney)
  • Some older people can't hear high sounds because they have damaged their hearing over time (Megan)
  • Sound can be high and low (Makayla)
  • Light travels faster than sound (Ashton)
  • The longer the tube the lower the sound (Fin)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Katherine's 100 word challenge

A walk through the jungle ...

Tim and Moby were walking through a mysterious scary jungle. “Shhhh!” whispers Tim. “I can hear a creepy lion coming” “Oh no!”says Moby. “Oh no the creepy lion is getting closer. The lion can smell us! Stay still.” Then the lion came. “I’m scared” shivered Tim. “Hey what are you guys screaming for?” “ Oh! Are you the creepy lion? Creepy lion? Well. I heard that a mysterious lion coming from behind that bush. Moby says “You must be crazy Tim. Can you take us out of here please?” “ I sure can take you out, only if you give me some meat.” “Okay” says Tim. “Yay! We’re out!”
by Katherine
Year 4

Courtney's 100 word challenge

The rubies of Moshville

 “Wow!” I yelled in Moby’s ear. “I never knew moshi monsters were real!” Just then I heard a monster roar that I had to do a quest for her. “Hey Moby” I said. “We have to find the lost rubies of Moshville. They are hidden under puzzle palace”. “But how do we get there?” Moby asked me. “We go through Sludge street and then we are there.” “I meant how do we get underground?” asked Moby. “Just follow my lead and you’ll be fine” I exclaimed. As we approached the palace I took out my shovel and mining hat...

Loren's 100 word challenge

“Ooh it’s cold! Can we go back?” Moby complained to Tim. “No” Tim answered. It was a tropical evening and the crickets were louder then ever. Why are we here? Moby kept thinking to himself. Do you think we’re ever going to get out of here, it’s like a giant, cold, noisy, smelly maze! Moby wondered to himself. Tim and Moby were about to give up for the night when they heard a strange noise that sounded like a roaring, scary lion! They walked through a big gap made by some trees and then saw some wrinkly elephants rolling around in the squishy mud!

by LorenYear 4

Friday, May 18, 2012


Today we had Dianne and Chelsea come to school to teach us some hockey skills.
We learnt...

  • you need to hit the hockey ball with the flat side of the stick
  • we need to keep the hockey stick below your knees (but in a real game of hockey its below your shoulders)
  • three types of dribbles - Indian, open and closed dribbles
  • how to hold a hockey stick properly - left hand on the top and right hand down on the shiny part
After we practised these skills we played a game of hockey stuck in the mud.
Watch these videos to see us in action!

What sport do you play?
What is your favourite sport and why?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Making musical straws

Today we made some musical straws. This is how we made them...

1. Flatten one end of the straw.
2. Cut the corners to make an upside down V
3. Blow through the tip of the straw to make a sound
4. Cut the bottom of the straw shorter and shorter and keep blowing

What did we notice?
The straw made different sounds.
As we cut the straw shorter the sound got higher and higher.
Shorter = high sound, Longer = lower sound
We found out that to make the sound the air inside the straw was vibrating.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Maori phrases

Listen to us speaking maori.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Book Fair Week 2012

Book Fair Week and Character Dress-up Day on PhotoPeach

This week we had our Book Fair week.
We visited our library to see all the new books that we could buy.
We ended the week by dressing up as our favourite book character.

What characters can you see in our photopeach?

What is your favourite book character and why?

Happy Mothers Day to all our Fantastic Mums!

We love our Mums! We hope our Mums have a Happy Mother's Day on Sunday!
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Our school logo

Welcome to our quadblogging buddies!! We hope you enjoy viewing our blog this week and making comments. We will try to reply to your comments so please ask us questions so we can reply!

This is our school logo. Loren has created a comic life page that tells you all about our logo.

What did you learn from our school logo?

What did you find interesting?

What questions do you still have about our school logo?