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Monday, May 21, 2012

Courtney's 100 word challenge

The rubies of Moshville

 “Wow!” I yelled in Moby’s ear. “I never knew moshi monsters were real!” Just then I heard a monster roar that I had to do a quest for her. “Hey Moby” I said. “We have to find the lost rubies of Moshville. They are hidden under puzzle palace”. “But how do we get there?” Moby asked me. “We go through Sludge street and then we are there.” “I meant how do we get underground?” asked Moby. “Just follow my lead and you’ll be fine” I exclaimed. As we approached the palace I took out my shovel and mining hat...


  1. Hi Courtney
    A very creative start to your story. The writing prompt ended with a surprise and I like that way you have found moshi monsters in the story you have created.
    Can you edit and add more descriptions about the jungle and what your charcaters are doing?
    A great first attempt at this 100 word challenge.
    Well done!
    Mrs Natusch

  2. Hi Courtney,

    Tim, Moby and the Moshi Monsters - together at last!

    Your place names like "Sludge street" and "Puzzle Palace" are very imaginative and make us intrigued as to what happens next.

    If this is your first time at the 100 word challenge then we're very impressed! Keep it up!

    Tim & Moby


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