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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What we have learnt about sound so far...

Victoria meant to say on the voice that the person at the back of the field can still hear the sound but after the closer person.
Sound can travel through water, air and solids.

We have just watched a video on sound (see our science tab on our class blog above) and have also learnt....
  • Sound travels as vibrating waves called sound waves (Courtney)
  • Some older people can't hear high sounds because they have damaged their hearing over time (Megan)
  • Sound can be high and low (Makayla)
  • Light travels faster than sound (Ashton)
  • The longer the tube the lower the sound (Fin)


  1. Wow! you guys have learnt so much about sound! I never knew the your ears had so many parts to them! Can you tell me more about sound waves? Are they like waves at the beach? Can you see them? What do they look like? I look forward to your answer, so i can learn more from you :)
    From Mrs Gunn

  2. To Mrs Gunn

    Sound waves come in different patterns depending on the object making the sound. For example a triange makes a high sound so the sound waves are closer together.
    You can't see sound waves but they are all around us. No, sound waves are NOT like waves at the beach.
    Sound waves can travel through air, solids and water.
    Sound can not be heard on the moon because there is no air for the waves to travel through.

    From Room 7

  3. Wow I kan not play enithing it sept a drums I think you kan play lots
    Of instrements Kan you play a lot of instrents well bye I haf to go to school

  4. Wow! You guys know a lot!


  5. Wow you guys know a lot!

  6. I liked your video Room 7 . All you kids In Room 7 know a lot about sound. By La-eeqah


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