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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Making musical straws

Today we made some musical straws. This is how we made them...

1. Flatten one end of the straw.
2. Cut the corners to make an upside down V
3. Blow through the tip of the straw to make a sound
4. Cut the bottom of the straw shorter and shorter and keep blowing

What did we notice?
The straw made different sounds.
As we cut the straw shorter the sound got higher and higher.
Shorter = high sound, Longer = lower sound
We found out that to make the sound the air inside the straw was vibrating.


  1. Hi Room 7
    You all made very musical straws today! At one stage everyone had different lengths and you could really tell the difference between the high and low sounds.
    What questions do you still have about sound?
    Mrs Natusch

  2. That sounds interesting. How does it vibrate?

    Kian and Izzie
    St Augustines junior school
    Worksop,Nottinghamshire, England

  3. Was it hard room 7 and was it fun? I would really like to do that? Did the instrument work?


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