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Friday, May 11, 2012

Book Fair Week 2012

Book Fair Week and Character Dress-up Day on PhotoPeach

This week we had our Book Fair week.
We visited our library to see all the new books that we could buy.
We ended the week by dressing up as our favourite book character.

What characters can you see in our photopeach?

What is your favourite book character and why?


  1. I can see a lot of characters that I know in your photopeach.I like lots of books and characters in the books.

  2. We have book fair too! We don't get to dress up like our favorite characters, I wish we could do that!

  3. Wow room 7! what a cool photo of you all! Room 14 really enjoyed book character day too, we all got dressed up and had a great day! We had visits from the wickard witch of the west, a pirate, a spy, Minnie Mouse and many more. Our most favourite book character is the cat in the hat! what's yours? Come to our blog to check our photos too :)
    From Mrs Gunn

  4. Is it amazing it sounds like it have fun.


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