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Friday, May 18, 2012


Today we had Dianne and Chelsea come to school to teach us some hockey skills.
We learnt...

  • you need to hit the hockey ball with the flat side of the stick
  • we need to keep the hockey stick below your knees (but in a real game of hockey its below your shoulders)
  • three types of dribbles - Indian, open and closed dribbles
  • how to hold a hockey stick properly - left hand on the top and right hand down on the shiny part
After we practised these skills we played a game of hockey stuck in the mud.
Watch these videos to see us in action!

What sport do you play?
What is your favourite sport and why?


  1. love your video and you are great at doing hockey is it hockey? you are great at it i wish i can go to your school!!!!!

  2. Hockey was the only sport I played at primary school and high school. I usually played at the back of the team. It's been a long time since I have played though, watching your video's brought back some fun memories. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Room 7,

    We like your hockey video, thsnk you for sharing it. Some of you did some really hard hits. Did you have fun?

    From Room 4

  4. Cool room 4 you look like your haveing fun.

  5. To room7

    I love hokey that is my favourite budgey.
    I do hokey with makayla she is very good at hokey. Do you have a budgy?

    by Victoria


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