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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our new ipod touch!

We are so lucky to have an ipod touch in our classroom.
Here are some of the ways we have used the ipod....

  • We have listened to our reading books
  • played maths, reading and spelling games
  • we have used the crosswords apps
  • we have taken photos of our speeches
We want to try...
  • taking videos
  • explore how to use it for writing
  • use it to show our thinking in maths (example writing fractions and showing others)
  • use the Internet to find information\
  • to put learning on our blogs
We are looking forward to using the ipod to help us with our learning! 


  1. Hi Christian and Katie

    Thanks Katie for interviewing Christian on what he was doing on the ipod. It's great to hear that Christian was improving his reading by listening to reading books on it.
    Katie - next time you could ask Christian to explain or repeat his answer.
    Christian - make sure you speak louder and face the person who is interviewing you.

    Mrs Natusch

    PS - I can't wait to explore this new ipod more!

  2. Wow how much did thay cost? Did you know that we have iPod tochs

  3. We have IPods at are school! Do you enjoy them? And if so. Why? We do!

  4. Wow that's so cool that you have an ipod room 7! How is it all going? how do you use it? what's your favourite programme to use? is it easy to use? we'd love you to show us how you use it some time!

    From room 14


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