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Monday, May 14, 2012

Maori phrases

Listen to us speaking maori.


  1. Well done Loren, Toby and Courtney!
    Courtney and Toby - great pronounciation of the maori words.
    Loren - could you record another days the week for us. Thursday is "rapare" and Saturday is "Rahoroi". Horoi means washing which means saturday is washing day!

  2. Maori sounds like a cool language! Good job on learning how to say it.

  3. Speaking Maori sounds fun.I will try speaking Maori.I can learn from you all.It must be hard to speak Maori.

  4. I am not use to that. But I could tell a little bit what you were saying?

  5. To Toby

    I Thought you pronounced the moari phrase perfectly. Could you do another one so I can hear how you can make it even better!

    From Courtney


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