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Monday, July 11, 2011

Ian Foster's talk to Vardon School

This morning Ian Foster who is the ex-coach of the Chiefs came to our school to talk to us at assembly.

His key messages were:

  • how the 4R's help with both rugby and at school

  • "stand tall" is a positive phrase that you can say to build relationships

  • resilience - never give up with our learning - that's just the same as in rugby

  • even though they have lost some games they have to keep trying and knowing that they are still good. So at school we can keep trying with our learning.

Now.... after we have listening to Ian Foster's messages we are going to....

  • we are going to use the 4R's to help us with our learning!



  1. It was very cool hearing those messages from someone who is not a teacher or student at Vardon School. Room 2 think that Ian Foster was a KC coach because he had to use all the Key Competencies in his job as a coach for the Chiefs. I think he will still need to use them in his next job too! I liked his Stand Tall message. We all need to stand tall and be the best we can be!
    Keep up your powerful learning Room 7!
    Mrs Scott.

  2. Thank you Mrs Scott for that great comment!
    We loved reading it and we are going to keep standing tall!
    Thank you!


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