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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Healthy Breakfasts

Today Millie came to talk to us about healthy breakfasts. First she asked us what we learnt about last weeks session on healthy drinks.

First she asked us to tell her what we had for breakfast this morning.

Some answers were.... porridge, nutrigrain, weetbix, milo, toast with butter or jam, pancakes.

Millie had lots of breakfast foods. She asked us to put them in groups. The groups were;

Everyday, sometimes and occasional/never foods.

Here are some examples of these groups...

Everyday breakfasts - milk, weetbix, brown bread, porridge, left over home made dinners, fruit

Sometimes breakfasts - muesli, up and go,

Occasional breakfasts - cookies, chips, coke, coco-pops

See the photo above!!!


  1. I wonder... have you achieved Millie's challenge of eating a healthy breakfast every day for a whole week?
    Let me know that you had for breakfast this morning! :)

  2. Dear Room 7
    I like breakfast! It is my favourite meal of the day. I really like to have a cooked breakfast - but it takes too long, and is only an "occasional” food, so I just have that on a Sunday. On a school day, I usually eat cereal. Mainly muesli - but not toasted muesli (that’s yukky) because I don't like it too crunchy! I always add fruit or yogurt to it, with a little bit of milk too. Yum!
    What do you add to your breakfast that makes it really healthy?

    From Mrs Paton


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