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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our new netbooks!!!

We love our new netbooks!!! We use them to upload photos and videos and write reflections on our blogs about our learning!!!

Thanks to our wonderful PTA who bought these for us!!!


  1. I really enjoy watching your learning grow using these netbooks and how they support your learning in all areas of "school life".

  2. Wow your PTA is amazing for buying these netbooks for your class. I'm a 3rd teacher from Honolulu, Hawaii. We have netbooks in our class that our students use to go on to several educational websites. What websites do you visit on your new netbooks?

  3. Hello from Idaho, USA. It looks like you have an interactive class filled with dynamic learning. I teach grades 9-12.

  4. Hello from Virginia, USA. You kids are so fortunate to have a PTA and a teacher who understand that technology can be a great addition to the learning process. I hope you will use your netbooks to answer all those "Why is it called that?" and "I wonder what" questions that I'm sure happen every day.

  5. Great Room Seven that you are getting all these visitors from around the world!
    Mr Webb, Melville Intermediate.
    PS You should change your comment setting so anyone can comment, not just people with Google accounts.


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