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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our School - Vardon School

our school on PhotoPeach

This is our school.
We hope you enjoy the photos!
From Room 7


  1. Hi! Room 7,
    I really liked looking at the photos of your school. I can see lots of things that are the same as the school where I work.
    I think it is great you are blogging already after only 1 day at school. WOW!
    Our school is also an Enviro School and we have a vegetable garden too. All the plants have grown crazy over the summer. It almost looks like a jungle. I will put some photos on my class blog tomorrow so you can see what our Kitchen Garden looks like.
    What is your favourite part of the school and why do you like it?
    From Anna
    Room 4

  2. These are great photos of your school. You look like you have a lot of green space around you. I like how you have a vegetable garden - some of us would like to have one of those. Our school has a building site next to it where they are building a very big government building, so it is noisy when we go outside!

    We look forward to seeing what you do this term.
    Have fun learning!
    Mrs. Elrick (Taipei)


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