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Friday, February 17, 2012

School Tabloids

Room 7 having a tug-of-war competition!!! PULL, PULL, PULL

It was Tabloids yesterday and we had fun! There were activities like; spoon races, parachute, water activities, sack races and throwing games.

Katie thinks "It was really good how we didn't have the same games like last year"

Loren says "My favourite activity was the water activities"

Toby "The acivity I liked the most was the parachute games"

Leah "My favourite game was the sack races because there was lots of bouncing and cheering"

Courtney "My favourite part was having fun with my friends and competing against the other team"

Dakota "I liked the water activity because Mrs Paraha kept spraying water on us with the hose"

Christian "I like tabloids because I did a sponge race and spoon and egg race"

Makayla "I liked the egg and spoon race because it was fun competing against other teams"

Megan "I enjoyed the sponge race because you had to have the sponge and put in the water and run back and squeeze the water into the bucket"

Jade " I liked the water activities because you fill the bucket up to the top with water to win"

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