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Friday, October 19, 2012

Throwing Practice

Today Dianne from Project Energise came to school to teach us how to throw correctly.
We learnt:

  • to hold the ball correctly (hold it with your fingers not in your palm)
  • not to hold the ball tightly
  • to hold our arm out straight (the ball will go in that direction)
  • draw a circle in the air with your arm that's holding the ball
  • take three steps before you throw it
  • if you look away the ball goes in the wrong direction
  • face sideways when you throw
  • one foot points forward and one foot faces sideways
It was windy and wet so we went to the school hall. We had to use soft throwing toys to throw.

What do you think we did well?


  1. Dear Room 7,
    My class learned how to throw by Greg from Project Energize. He talk us how to point with our arm as well. We threw tennis balls and aimed them at orange cones for our target.

    From Mrs Blair
    Room 12

  2. Thanks Room 7, for this excellent post on your throwing session with Diane. I made heaps of notes when room 9 had our session. But I found your photos and videos were a much better and easier way to explain to the children that had missed the session how you correctly throw a ball.
    Keep up the good work!!
    Miss Workman

  3. dear room 7 I hope you gus did great throwing but im wondering who threw the furthest and how hard was it was it a pice of cake
    from Toa

  4. nice throwing skills but came and see me if you want a competition but those throwing skills are really good maybe your beat me.

    by Koston


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