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Friday, April 5, 2013

Hot Air balloon Visit

Animoto made by Zaric

Animoto made by Poppy

Today we had a hot air balloon visit our school. Some of us came to school at 7am and had breakfast! We then watched the people inflate the balloon.
We went to the hall to listen to Andy the pilot. This is what we found interesting....

  • Balloons travel only in the morning because the air is calm and still (Fin)
  • Balloons don't travel that fast so that the person who drives the truck to collect the balloon can catch up (Aaron)
  • Some balloons can crash (Zoe)
  • Andy the pilot has flown in different countries (Titus)
  • Hot air balloons come in different shapes and sizes (Jade)
  • You need to have to have a team to fly a balloon because they are heavy and need a team to control the balloon and someone to drive the truck (Thomas)
  • The number on the balloon is their registration like a car (Aaron)
  • balloons rise into the air because hot air rises inside the envelope and the air is lighter than the air outside (Zaric)
  • Andy's balloon is called "the EGG" (Leah)
  • The balloon's envelope is made out of fabric and it has a skirt (Aaron)

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