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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Movie Making

Aaron and Ashton were part of a movie making project in Term 2. They worked with Rebecca and Ben from room 14. The movie had to be about keeping safe while biking.
What feedback do you have for them? What did you enjoy? What could they do differently next time?


  1. Wow! I was very impressed by your movie. I thought you used your props very well and you edited your movie very carefully. I like how your video had a clear message that you reinforced at the end. Well done.

  2. To Ashton and Aaron
    Your video was cool and had a clear message.
    From Leah

  3. I like your video. It was a safety video and will remind people to wear their helmets.
    From Zaric

  4. It looked like a real video but with eggs!
    From Thomas

  5. I like how you used eggs and egg cartons.
    from Makayla

  6. Your video was really good and I liked the way you used eggs and a carton that was moving.
    From Jade


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