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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ANZAC biscuits

Today some children made ANZAC biscuits because tomorrow is ANZAC day.

We learnt about the history of ANZAC biscuits and this is what we learnt...

Katie "I learnt that ANZAC biscuits ingredients didn't go off becasue there are no eggs or milk in them and they were good for the soldiers Mums and wives to make because they didn't go off"

Dakota "ANZAC biscuits used to be called soldiers biscuits"

Megan "ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps"

Toby "ANZAC biscuits used to be made out of different ingredients than the biscuits we buy today"

Loren " ANZAC biscuits were first made nearly 100 years ago"

Courtney " ANZAC biscuits were good to make for soldiers because they were really easyto make" 

Here are some photos of the children making ANZAC biscuits.

Thank you to Miss Rogers who helped us make them! They were yum!


  1. Hi Room 7
    I didn't know that ANZAC biscuits were so useful! They are nutritious and they last really well too. No wonder the women back home baked these to send to their men fighting overseas.
    It was very hard smelling the delicious baking smell from my office! I hope they tasted deliscious!

  2. Hi room 7

    I didn't know ANZAC biscuits were so useful to the men fighting in the war.
    Were the ANZAC biscuits easy or hard to make?

    from Rebecca

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  4. Those cookies are watering my mouth!! I wish I could jump into my computer screen and get them!!

  5. Nothing better than cookies.

  6. Looks yummmmmmmmy
    Did it give you Energy ?

  7. Hi I'm Mr Drummond from Uphall. Your biscuits sound lovely. Have you got any left?

  8. Hello this is Fraser from Uphall those biscuits look yummy

  9. WE dont"t celebrate ANZAC day. What is it for? And what do you? I would love to celebrate ANZAC day.

  10. Hi! I am charlie from the kinkaid school.What is the stuff that you made also was it good.
    Charlie houston

  11. Wow! There is a lot of biskets what did they taste good?

  12. How were they? They look delicious! Also, were they hard to make?

    This is Jimmy from Texas.

  13. I am Maddie from Houston.Wow!They look delicious!I never made biscuits before but it sounds fun!It also sounds messy!

  14. This is Lindi from Texas.
    Making biscuits sounds fun!!!!!!
    They also look really good.

  15. the buiscuits look really good!!!

  16. That sounds good I would love to make biscuits.

  17. I'm Lexy from Kinkaid,
    I love biscuits! I wish I could make biscuits at my school! One time we made butter and ate it with biscuits. Did your biscuits taste real good?

  18. The biscuits look delicious!!! We made homemade butter in our class a few weeks ago!!! We ate the butter with biscuits!!!!
    From, Jordan in Texas

  19. Those cookies look lovely. Did you save some for use?
    St augustines jun

  20. Sounds like fun We have never heard of anzac bisits.

  21. They look lovely. Did you eat them? If you did did you enjoy them?


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