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Monday, April 23, 2012

Quadblogging - Round 2

We are signed up for round 2 of Quadblogging! Yahoo! What a great way to make global connections with other bloggers!

Here is the timetable..... (Click on the photos below)

Week 1 - St Augustine’s Junior School
Week 2 – Uphall Primary School

Week 3 – Vardon School (That's us!)

Week 4 – The Kinkaid School

Watch this video and listen to what these students think of quadblogging.


  1. I love quad blogging too!!! I like it because you get to learn more about them. Quad blogging is AWESOME!!!!!

  2. We always quad blog all diffrent schools! it is so fun and we do it at home too!

  3. Cool video! I love quad blogging! It is amazing to see all of the the different classes all over the world and what they do!

  4. This is Lindi from Texas.
    I love quad blogging.Our blog is yourturnwithmrsO'Connell.

  5. Quad blogging is so fun because we get to see different people blog. I love quad blogging!

  6. Quad blogging is so fun!I am quad blogging right now!First week is ST.Augustines junior school,Whats going on in P4?,you guys!And us your turn with Mrs. O'Connell!


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