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Thursday, July 19, 2012


This is our new graffiti wall for maths.  At the end of a maths lesson we can graffiti something we learnt or found interesting.

This is our number of the day wall. Each day the person who writes the most interesting way to make the number gets to choose a number for the next day.

Here's your number of the day ... 58.
How can you make 58?
Make a comment with your way to make 58.


  1. To Room7

    I know that 0+58=58,50+8=58,40+18=58 and 60-2=58.From Makayla

  2. To Mrs Natusch


    From Katherine

  3. Hi Room 7
    I love the look of your Graffiti wall! It looks like children had lots to record about what they had learnt... well done!

    And, about the number 58 (it's not how old I am!)

    I know that:

    58 is half 100, + 8.

    From Mrs Paton


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