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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Taku Mihi

One thing we have done this week to celebrate Maori Language week is to record our mihis that we wrote last term.

Here are some of them. Please visit our individual blogs to hear the rest of them.


  1. To Loren, Christain and Victoria.
    Hi you guys did great work. I think you did well in saying who your mum and dad is and when you said what school you go to. You need to work on the last part.
    From Megan

  2. To Megan

    I have practice my mihi.
    I think I should work on my last part to.
    my favourite part was kei kirikiriroa ahau e noho ana.
    What is your favourite part?

    From Victoria

  3. TO ROOM7

    Mihi's are hard to say but I am learning.

    From Aaron

  4. To Christian,

    Ka pai my son. Well done

    Xx fin.. Xx

  5. Ver proud of you Christian. Xx ka pai xx

    Love Mum


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