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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our Topic: From Milk to Ice-cream

From Grass to Glass

Did you know there are over 11,600 dairy farms in New Zealand and 4.4 million dairy cows being milked?
What did you learn from watching this video?

About Milk

What did you learn about inside a Dairy Factory?


  1. To room 7

    Me and megan enjoyed the cool videos and we learnt alot.
    where did you find the cool videos Mrs Natusch?
    so bye for now.

    from Megan and katie
    please reply

  2. To Room7

    I thought that those 2 videos were awesome! I learnt alot of thing from those videos.

    From Katherine

  3. To room 7
    I learnt that in a milk factory the milk gets heated up to 72 degrees and cooled down to 3 degrees! That is done to get rid of all of the germs.
    From Courtney

  4. To room 7

    Its a talking cow AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh!!
    I'm just joking with you.
    but literally I'm sceard.

    I learnt that milk needs to go to a factory before you drink it because the bacteria needs to get taken out of the milk..

    P.S. I'm still scared.

    from Ashton
    please reply

  5. To Room 7

    I learnt that the blue milk has a lot of cream and the green milk has a little bit of cream.

    From Makayla:)

  6. Hi Room 7 its Katie

    Hi leart alot of facts from those two videos.
    I leart that first you eat 70 kilograms of grass a day thay must be really tired after.

    From Katie

  7. To room7

    I learnt alot of things like milk goes in a machine and gets put up to 73 degrees and straight away to 3 dergrees.

    From Fin

  8. To Room 7

    I realy like those two videos.
    Make sure to check out the website at home there are so many more videos.
    I can't wait to lern more about dairy farm.
    I won't to learn how many types of cows there are?

    From Toby


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