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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Splish, Splash, Splosh!

This week we are going to Waterworld each day for swimming lessons. On the first day we were assessed and put into groups. Today we were taught lot's of different swimming skills in our groups. Here are some photos and videos of us swimming in the pool today.

Some of the skills we learnt were:

  • gliding
  • freestyle
  • backstroke
  • dolphin diving
  • floating
  • diving
  • breaststroke
  • butterfly


  1. Hi Room 7
    We are so lucky that we can go to Swimsafe each year. I think it will make Vardon School kids much safer near water. I saw some pretty awesome starfish relaxing in the pool in your video - one of them looked pink!
    I was impressed to see you practising doing lengths of the pool. You will be getting really fit and strong!
    Keep up the good work. Do you have goals or do you do the best you can each day?

  2. The 3H Crew is very jealous! We wish that we could go swimming too! It looks like everyone was having fun while learning important swimming skills.
    How far is Waterworld from your school?

    3H Crew

  3. Cool photos room 7, we loved swim safe too. Thanyou for the comment onto our blog, Miss Workman has now taught us how to rotate photos. Thanks for the tip :)


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