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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Using twitter to connect with others

This afternoon we tweeted with schools around NZ. We used our teachers twitter account to tweet and soon we may have our own Room 7 twitter account.

We used the hash tag #kidsedchatnz to connect with others.

We enjoyed:

  • I enjoyed finding out what other children's favourite subject at school is (Megan)
  • I enjoyed looking at what twitter was (Debbie)
  • I enjoyed learning about different classes (Loren)
  • I liked learning about what kinds of computers other schools have (Fin)
  • I enjoyed replying to other people we didn't know and having a conversation (Aaron) 
  • I enjoyed talking to others and starting a conversation (Katie)
  • I enjoyed learning new things off other people (Victoria)
  • I enjoyed learning more about other classes (Leah)
Here are some of the tweets:

Did you join in the #kidsedchatnz? 
Did we start a conversation with you? 
Do you want to join us next time?


  1. It was so cool to have you join the #kidsedchatnz today room 7. Glad you enjoyed it. Hope to see you next time.


  2. Hi Room 7
    Wow! It looks like you had some really interesting conversations with people - I wonder where Pine hill school is? I also wonder how you see twitter being useful to you as learners?

    I have a twitter account too, so I might join you next time you chat on #kidsedchatnz... let me know when you do and if I'm not too busy, I will log on at the same time.

    From Mrs Paton

  3. Wow room 7! This looks like it was really interesting!

    Here's what room 14 thought:

    How many followers do you have? Why did you decide to use twitter? (Lans)

    Do you have safety precautions in place for to protect against dangerous strangers and can only invited kids join the converstation? (Ed)

    Is Twitter used like blogger? Which do you prefer more? Would you think it is useful enough to have your own personal account (Bronte)

    This is a good idea as you can learn different things from different people. (Aye Myat)

  4. We think this is cool and Mrs Paraha might set up an account that we can use too.

    Who are some of the schools you contacted?
    Are they in NZ or all around the world?

    Rm 8

  5. Hi Room 7,
    We love your badge on the side that says if you are here you are awesome. We enjoyed tweeting away yesterday. It was very hard to keep up with answering all the tweets.

    Room 12 HES


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