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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Apple tv and our iPad

Today we had the apple TV up on  the screen. Miss Pethybridge (our student teacher) went onto the kiwi kids news website. There was an article about manners and it told us that a lot of kids were not using manners and some kids at their dinner time are eating their dinner in front of the TV while their parents were at the table having a conversation. Some kids are swearing in public.

Then we went onto the show me app and did some spelling. Miss Pethybridge wrote some words and then we had to add magic 'e's onto the end of the words.

written by Tegan


  1. Hi Room 7

    Wow - a good description of using a new 'tool' to support your learning!
    I love how most of your post was about what you were learning about too... so
    What do you think about children watching t.v. instead of sitting at the table with the adults in the house? How does not eating at the table, relate to less manners?

    Mrs Paton

  2. Hi my name is Grace it looks like you have a new Apple TV we have one as well and 2 class I-Pads one is an I-Pad mini.



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