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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's poetry week!

Today we read  a poem called " Feeling tied down".

What do you think the poem is aboout? Please write us a comment.

by Thomas


  1. Hi Room 7
    I think this poem is about growing up.
    How when they were born they thought they were ...when they were born, and how they have changed as they have grown.

    Mrs Paton

    1. Dear Mrs Paton

      Sorry you were wrong. The poem was actually about a l, because it starts off small and flat, but now it's big and fat, and it's scared of pins.
      Thank you for your lovley nice comment.

      From Leah in RM 7

  2. To Thomas

    Il ike the way u speaked clearly and you are using expression

    From Zaric

    1. Thanks for your comment Zaric! I sure Thomas will enjoy your feedback!
      Mrs Natusch

      PS - Did you spell check your comment? What changes would you make to it? Let me know.

    2. Dear Mrs Natusch

      Well your welcome for the comment to Thomas.
      And I didn't check my spelling.I kept reading it again.I should change it to "spoke"

  3. To Room 7

    I Love how Thomas used expression. I also think it is about growing up.
    You have lots of big words in your poem. What poem are you going to do next?

    From Victoria


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