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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Genius Hour

On Friday we had our first Genius Hour. We got to choose want we wanted to learn or do for the afternoon.
We had a class full of bakers, designers, builders, artists and more! 
Here is a picture of just a few of the creative children busy at work. 

What did everyone in Room 7 think of our first Genius Hour? What went well for you? What would you do differently next time? 


  1. To Room7

    I wasn't ready for genius hour. Next time I want to ask someone if I can join their group. if they say no I will ask someone else.

    from Ashton

    1. Hi Ashton
      What was the reason why you were not organised?
      What were you thinking of doing this Friday afternoon for Genius Hour?
      Msr N

    2. To Mrs natusch
      For genius hour I didn't do baking because I wasn't ready
      and because my buddy Axell keeps on forgeting to bring the
      ingredients. Next time I will bring the ingredients next friday
      I bet It's going to be yummy and delicious this time.
      from Kaspar

  2. To Room7
    Me and my friends Makayla and Poppy made cupcakes for the class.
    I enjoyed making the cupcakes.
    from Chloe

    1. Hi Chloe
      What did you learn from making the cupcakes?
      What can you teach others?
      Mrs N

  3. To Mrs Natusch
    I enjoyed Genuis Hour.
    If we make models out of salt dough again we should bring some more flour.
    From Tegan

    1. Hi Tegan
      Yes, your salt dough got a bit sticky didn't it! Lucky there was spare flour in the staffroom!
      What could you teach others about making salt dough?
      Mrs N

    2. To Mrs Natusch
      We could teach other people by telling them to bring extra flour so there salt dough is not sticky.
      From Tegan

  4. To Mrs Natusch

    I went well when we tasted the food they cooked the tarts and cupcakes. Next time I will bring my cooking stuff.

    From Axell


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