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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Egg Experiment

Today we conducted an egg experiment. We put an egg in regular water and an egg in vinegar to see what would happen.

Look at the changes so far to our egg experiment! It only took half a day for us to notice changes!
What do you notice?
What do you think will happen next?


  1. Oops sorry Room 7. I was trying to publish a post on the iPad and accidentally deleted our post on our "Egg Experiment". So I quickly added in what I think we had written!

    Here is a comment that I found in my emails .... and we also need to upload Thomas's "Chatstick" picture again!

    Hi Room 7
    That sounds like a very cool experiment. We are a Year 3-4 class in Tauranga. We might try it! Our teacher Mrs Price, says she used to teach at your school. Her name was Miss Ryan then. Is Mrs Williamson still there? Look forward to hearing from you!

    Room 3-4 and Mrs Price

  2. wow that looks cool we are from tauranga. We go tauranga primary school

    rm 3 Nina


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