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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wrap free Wednesday

Today it is wrap free Wednesday. We have 11 people wrap free and only 20 people here today. We have a percentage of 55% wrap free.
We only had 3 chippy packets so that means we have achieved our goal of decreasing the number of chippy packets.

Our new goal is to try not to get over 15 wrappers.

By Titus


  1. What a brilliant idea! It's environmentally friendly and healthy. How and why did you think of this? Is this a one time thing? Does your whole school do it?

    from Room 1 at Glenview School

  2. I am so happy that we have decreased the number of chippy packets from 10 to 5 and now to 3! Great work Room 7!!!
    So how will we achieve our goal of not having more than 15 wrappers?
    From Mrs Natusch


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