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Friday, March 14, 2014

A present for Mrs Natusch

This morning I gave Mrs Natusch a big present. It was a pumpkin! I carved Mrs Natusch's name on the pumpkin. I gave it to her for being a lovely teacher and so she can make pumpkin soup. 

By Jade


  1. Thanks for the pumpkin Jade! I can't wait to make pumpkin soup with it! I'll let you know when I have made my soup! ;)
    From Mrs N

  2. WOW! thats a huge pumpkin. How long have you been growing that?. Ryan (Lawrence Area School)

  3. Wow! That is a one massive pumpkin. How much did it weigh?
    Toby - Lawrence Area School

  4. Wow Jadel a very big pumpkin from Lanie ( Lawrence Area school).

  5. wow where did you get that pumpkin from? Aaron Lawrence Area school

  6. WOW that is a big pumpkin. Regan at Lawrence area school.


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