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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Our School Tabloids

Last Friday was our school tabloids.

We had a lot of fun taking part in different fun activities. 
Here is a video of some of the activities. At the end is the class tug-of-war competitions and the parents verses teachers tug-of-war competition! 

After our school tabloids we made a dot plot. We asked everyone in class which was their favourite activity. On our first dot plot we had just the seven activities and found out that parachute was the most favourite activity.

Then we added in the tug-of-war competition to see if it would change the data and it sure did! The tug-of-war was definitely the most popular activity in room 7 at our school tabloids.

The crosses on our graph are the activities we didn't like and would like to change for next year.


  1. Hello from House B. That looks fun! We have a Six Grade Olympics with tug-o-war! Is it always sunny where you are?

  2. Hi room 7!
    It looks like you had fun at tabloids!
    I like how you made a graph of everyone's favourite activity!
    What would be the least favourite activity if you took out the polka dots?
    From Courtney, room 15


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