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Monday, September 8, 2014

Swim for Life: Lesson One

Today we had our first lesson of Swim for life. We walked to the Te Rapa Pools and were tested on our swimming skills and then put into groups.

Room 7: please comment and tell me what your first swimming goal might be?

What do you think  you need to learn/practice? 


  1. To Room 7,
    My swim for life goal is breast stroke.
    From Poppy

  2. To Mrs Natusch,
    I think I need to practise my backstroke because I need to put my pinky in first.
    From Thomas

  3. To Room 7,
    At swim for life I need to learn backstroke.
    From Niall.

  4. To Mrs Natusch,
    I think I need to practise my tumble turns I need them to be straight.
    From Tegan

  5. To room7
    I need to learn my kicking on backstroke and my breaststroke because I sink to the ground. My Favorite swimming skill is freestyle.
    From Kaspar

  6. To Mrs Natusch
    I need to work on my backstroke because I need to lift my stomach up for the whole time and kick better.
    My favourite skill is freestyle because it is so much easy.
    From Adelei

  7. To Mrs Natusch
    I think I need to practice my breath stroke arms so they don't get out of line.
    From Hayley

  8. To Mrs N
    I need To practice my backstroke because I keep going wobbly when I do it.
    From Lucy

  9. To Mrs Natusch
    I need to learn to float on my back like a starfish.
    My favourite thing to do in the water is freestyle!
    From Hannah

  10. my first goal would be breathstroke.From lucas hukanui school


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