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Monday, September 1, 2014

A pilot comes to visit

This afternoon the Middle Team went to the hall to listen to Fran, Mrs Hood's cousin, talk to us about flight: how airplanes work, her job as a pilot and more.

We learnt a lot and it was great that we already knew the answers to some of her questions.

Write a comment about what you learnt! 


  1. To Mrs Natusch
    I Learnt what all the controls were for in planes.
    From Tegan

  2. To room 7
    I enjoyed learning more facts about flight. My favourite part was learning because I was exploring more things about flight. What did you guys learn about flight?
    From Kaspar

  3. To Mrs Natusch,
    The thing I learnt about was aerodynamics.
    I never know that the shape of the egg would restrict a person from crushing it.
    From Thomas

  4. To Mrs N
    I learnt that you can not crack a egg when you have your whole hand wrapped around the egg.
    from Naroa

  5. To Mrs N
    I learnt that GRAVITY makes the plane go down,LIFT makes the plane go up.
    from Lucy

  6. To Mis N
    I learnt that if you had an egg in your hand the egg would not crack if you had
    your hand around the egg.
    from Tyra-leigh

  7. To Room7
    I lont that we was washing mrss hood cuinse and the plans in the hall was a egg but mrss hood tried to crack the egg but thoms tried to crack the egg in the hall.
    from Brandon

  8. To room7
    I was excited that we listened to a pilot.
    from Jhaevhan

  9. To Mrs Natusch
    I learnt the four forces witch is lift thrust drag and gravity.
    I also learnt that when you try to brake a egg with your hand the air pressure is going over the top and it is heard to brake the egg.
    From Manaia

  10. To Room7
    I've learnt there are four forces and they are... Drag,lift,gravity and thrust.
    I've also learnt that when you wrap your hand around an egg the air pressure is going over the top and it is hard to brake it, three people went to try and brake it.
    I enjoyed the compotiton at the end because there were different captains and room 8 won the copotation who remebers what Fran tought the middle team.
    From Adelei

  11. To Room7
    I learnt that drag and thrust can work to together so the plane can move in the air .
    from Ashley

  12. To Room 7
    I learnt that drag and thrust have to work together to keep the plane in the air,
    and I learnt what all the controls are for in the front of the plane.
    I also met Mrs hood's cousin.
    From Poppy

  13. To Mrs N
    I learnt that lift made the plane steady and gravity made the plane go a bit heavy and drag makes the plane go back and thrust makes the plane go forward.
    From Anthony

  14. To room7
    I was excited because we were going to listen to a pilot and ...
    I learnt that when you wrap your hand around
    the egg you can not crack an egg.
    From Anusheel.

  15. To Room 7
    I learnt that Fran fly's for air NZ. the thinness of an egg shell is hard to crack when you wrap your hands around the egg.
    From Niall

  16. To room7
    I learnt about drag and thrust. They had to be the same . If there was too much drag the plane will turn right .
    I learnt so much about the plane and the controls of the planes and thrust and drag and lift .
    from Jade


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