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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2012 Olympic Mascots

Today we watched this video clip on the 2012 Olympic mascots.
We also learnt some information about them.

Here are the mascots;

Hi. My name is Mandeville.

  • My name comes from Stoke Mandeville where a doctor had an idea to help his patients recover from back injuries. He set up a wheelchair Basketball competition and this is how the Paralympics began.
  • My eye is a camera lens so I can record everything I see
  • I always want to be faster
  • I wear a watch so I can beat my speed every time
  • I was created from the last two drops of British steel used to make the 2012 Olympic stadium

My name is Wenlock.

  • My name comes from the town of Much Wenlock in Shropshire
  • My eye is a camera lens so I can record everything I see
  • I love all Olympic sports
  • I wear friendship bracelets and they are the colours of the Olympic rings
  • I love making new friends
  • The light on my head is inspired from the London famous black taxis


  1. The mascots are very cool. I can't wait for the Olympics to start. My favourite things to watch will be gymnastics and athletics - though not the longer races. I so hope I'll hear the NZ National Athem at some stage in the Games.

  2. TO room7

    I love your picture of wenlock

    who is your favourite mascot out of mandeville and wenlock?

  3. Leah showed me this video, I enjoyed it.
    I'm keen to watch Eric Murray go for gold in the rowing as I work with his wife, so everyone in our office will be watching his race. Go Eric!

  4. To Room 10

    My favorite mascot is mandeville.

    From Katherine

  5. To Room 10

    My favouite mascot is wenlock because he is silver, gold and I also like him because he has the olympic rings as bracelets.

    From Dakota :)

  6. To Room 10
    My favourite mascot is Wenlock because he is orange and my favourite colour is orange too.
    from Christian


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