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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our School Production

This is a 'snapshot' of our up-and-coming production. We have three shows altogether and are very excited!
Our Production is called "Colour my World".

What did you enjoy?

We will upload more photos soon so watch this space :)


  1. So colourful! I'm looking forward to coming and seeing it even more now!

  2. We enjoyed watching all the different people in the slide show. We think you must have taken a photo of almost everyone in the school.! It certainly is very colourful. We hope all the audience enjoys our Colour Our World.

  3. Wow! It looks fabulous. Some great costumes and it looks like you are brilliant dancers.

    Mrs Orme, St. Bernard's, England

  4. Wonderful costumes, we can't believe that you made them. You are very creative. The surf boards were really cool. We wish we could come and see your play. It looks like it is as amazing as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We would like to know is everyone in your school in the production?

    We are very excited to be your quad blogging buddies.

    3H Crew
    J. Fithian Tatem School
    New Jersey USA


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