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Thursday, September 6, 2012


We are quadblogging again! Yay!
We are taking part in two quads this time!
Here are the class bogs we will be visiting; (click on the picture to go to their blog)

What do you enjoy about quadblogging?

What do you want to learn from our quadblogging buddies?


  1. To Room7

    I enjoy learning how I get to know other people from other countries. I want learn how they contribute to others.

    From Victoria

  2. To Room7

    I like quad blogging because we can learn more about their country.
    I want to learn more about their blog and other students.

    From Katherine

  3. To room7
    I love quadblogging!
    The thing that I like about quadblogging is that I get to learn about schools around the world. I want to learn about what the schools are learning about.
    From Loren

  4. To Room7
    I love quadblogging because you get to learn about people around the world.
    I want to learn what the schools are learning about for example the sea and trees?
    From Megan

  5. To Room7

    I engoy learning more about them!
    I want to learn more about them and their school!

    From Katie

  6. To room7

    I enjoy everything.
    It's the best
    I want to learn everything.

    from Ashton


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