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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Student Led Conferences

We are practising for our Student Led Conferences which are today and on Thursday.

Student Led Conferences are where we share some of our learning with our families in our learning logs and on our blogs.

We are looking forward to...

Megan "Sharing all our amazing work"
Loren "Sharing my learning with my Mum and dad"
Dakota "Showing my Mum and Dad my maths"
Makayla "Showing my Mum and Dad my blog"
Aaron "Sharing my goals that I have achieved"
Debbie "Sharing my reading with my Mum and Dad"
Kasiti "I am looking forward to sharing my writing with my Mum"
Jade "Sharing my hard work with Mum and Dad"
Toby "Sharing some of the things that I have learnt this year"
Ashton "Sharing some things on my blog to my parents"
Katie "I really excited to share some learning with my parents"
Leah "Showing what I have learnt"
Fin "I am looking forward to sharing my results with my family"


  1. Dear Room 7,

    I liked your work and the pictures you put onto the blog. I hope when you share with your Mum and Dad, it goes well.

    What have you been learning about and is the work difficult?

    From 4TF Shrewsbury International School Bangkok

  2. To 4TF Shrewsbury International School

    Thank you for your comment. Yes, our sharing went very well.

    We have been learning about fairy tales, Olympics and our school production is coming up so we have been dancing and painting.

    From Room 7


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