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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Week 7 Reminders

Lady Bug Note Generators
Do you like the new gadget I found?
You can have your very own if you click on the link above.
Make sure you link your messgaes to your learning and then you can embed them on your own blog.
Have fun!


  1. To Mrs Natusch

    That looks REALLY COOL, I can't wait till the performance and yes I do like what You found. What week is it now? How many weeks till the performance?

    From Dakota :)

  2. Hi Dakota

    Thanks for commenting on the weekend!
    I am glad you liked my new tool I found and yes, I can't wait until the production as well!
    It's only 2 weeks until our production!

    From Mrs Natusch

  3. What is Leah's costume please? I have forgotten in the craziness of our home of late.

  4. Wow room7 I really like your reminder thing because I almost forgot about dafidol day.



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