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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cross Country

The year 1-4 children had their cross country today. This is a photpeach that Loren made.
In our class the 7 year olds ran two laps of the school field. 8 and 9 year olds ran 2 1/2 laps of the field.
We had hay bales to jump over and a course to run around to make it more fun!
What did you enjoy about our cross country and why?
If you are visiting from another school what is your cross country like?

Cross country 2012 on PhotoPeach


  1. Hello to all the amazing runners in room 7!

    I am so proud of each one of you for running to the best of your ability. All our running triaining must have paid off because you all ran a great race.
    An extra well done to Loren, Victoria, Debbie, Leah, Tukotahi, Aaron and Katie for getting a placing of either 1st, 2nd, 3rd,, 4th or 5th!
    That's 7 children from room 7 who are going to Interschool cross country next week! Good luck!

    From Mrs Natusch

  2. To room7,
    You guys are amazing runners.
    did any of your class mates come 1-8?
    From Maia.

  3. Wow Rm7 I loved your photo peach of your cross- contry. I have a question for victoria how did you fell when you came third place.From Tiana.

  4. To Tiana

    I felt suprised when I came third because I have never came third. What did you come? and what did you fell when you came that place?

    From Victoria

  5. To Maia

    I know that Leah came 1st, Loren came 2nd, Megan came 7th, Tukotahi came 3rd, Makayla came 8th, Katie came 4th, Toby came 7th, Victoria came 3rd, Finlay came 8th, Aaron came 4th
    and that is nearly every in room 7

    From Dakota ;)

  6. Hello everybody this is Toa from room 14

    I see tha you had a good time at cross country what did you find diffucult when you started how well did you think you did?


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