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Friday, August 3, 2012

Our NZ medals at the 2012 Olympics

This is our equestrian team who won a bronze medal.
Megan "I felt surprised when they got the bronze medal because for horse-riding it's really hard and I'm proud of them because they tried their best"
Toby "I felt excited  because it's good to get a medal"

In this photo we think these rowers are.....
Loren "They are feeling really tired and puffed"
Katie "I think they are very happy and proud and they are trying their best"
They are being resilient and trying their best.

Dakota "When they get the gold medal they would be really proud of themselves for getting NZ's first gold medal"
Fin "I think they are feeling really happy and proud of themselves"

Christian "These rowers are happy and proud because they are holding their bronze medal"

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