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Monday, March 25, 2013

Tennis Lessons

Today was our first lesson of learning tennis skills.

We learnt to:

  • control the ball by moving the ball around our racket
  • park the ball on the racket
  • hit the ball up on the racket and bounce on the ground
  • forehand swing

Do you play tennis? What do you enjoy about playing it?


  1. Hi Room 7 superstars
    What did you enjoy about tennis yesterday?
    Mrs Natusch

  2. To Nrs Natusch
    I love tennis yesterday it was so
    fun it was funny when me and Axell
    where tennis that was so great I
    wish we can do it every day.

    From Debbie.

  3. To Mrs Natusch
    We had fun doing tennis before lunch time. I was watching the tennis people but next time I am going to join.
    From Zoe


  4. I liked about tennis when we bounced the tennis ball on our racket.
    The best part that I liked at tennis yesterday was when we parked the ball on the racket. At tennis yesterday some people hit the ball in the fruit and vegetable garden. The partner that I was with kept on hitting the ball Into the fruit and vege garden and I kept on getting the ball. I keep on going into the garden and getting the ball.
    From Adelei


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