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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Anzac day 2013

Today for shared reading we read this article from Kiwi Kids news about our 2013 Anzac service in NZ.

The Pukeko reading group read an article about Anzac biscuits. Read our comments to find out what they learnt.



  1. I learnt that Anzac biscuits don't have eggs in them so they don't go soggy. People make anzac biscuits to rembember all the soildors that died in world war. We don't now who made the first anzac biscuits.The food parcels were carried in navy ships which took 2 months to arrive and had no fridges.
    from Tegan

  2. To room 7

    I learnt that anzac day is a very important day in both nz and australia.Schools and sare closed.The food parcels were carried in navy ships. The soldiers were already issued with army biscuits instead of bread. Nobody know who that make the first anzac biscuit.

    From Makayla

  3. To RM7
    I learnt that anzac biscuits were made by wifes,mothers and girlfriends to give to the people in the anzac war they got seaded by food parcels because there were no refrigerators.The fod parcels were sent by navy ships. Nobody knows who was first to make anzac biscuits.
    From Aaron

  4. To Room7

    I learnt that nobody knows who made the first anzac biscuits.

    From chloeb

  5. Dear room7

    What I learnt today was that shops and schools are closed on Anzac day We remember the soldiers that fought on the Gallipoil beach, 1915 in Turkey. Also I learnt that it took 2 MONTHS for the Anzac biscuits to get to the solders.

    From Leah


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