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Monday, October 28, 2013

Did you know that raisins can dance?

On Friday we asked the question "Can raisins dance?

Here we are making predictions. Most of us thought 'No, raisins cannot dance!"

Mrs Natusch then explained that we would conduct an experiment to see if raisins could dance using fizzy drink.

We used our prior knowledge from a previous experiment and knew that fizzy drink has CO2/carbon dioxide in it and we knew that made it fizz and produced bubbles!

Here are photos of our experiment;

Raisins in normal water.
We found out that raisins in water sink to the bottom because raisins are more dense than water, therefore they sink. 

Adding raisins to fizzy drink.

Comparing raisins in normal water and fizzy drink. 
 You can the see the bubbles from the fizzy (co2 gas) sticking to the raisins and causing the raisins to rise to the top (dancing on the way). The bubbles pop and release the co2 into the air and then the raisins sink. This process continues until there is no more co2 left in the fizzy drink.

Watch our experiment in action.....

Here is a video explaining how raisins dance; starring Leah and Thomas, produced by Zaric.

This is their first attempt at explaining our experiment  Do you have any questions for them, is there anything that you need clarified or perhaps you would like to just leave them a comment?


  1. Well done to Thomas and Leah for explaining our experiment and teaching others about how to make raisins dance.
    I am curious to know... where did the co2 gas go? Can you please explain that part a bit more?
    Also, you said the carbon dioxide was more dense than the raisins. Can you check that fact for me?
    From Mrs Natusch

  2. Dear mrs Natusch

    The CO2 pops and rises into the air. ( this is for Thomas) The raisins are really more dense but the CO2 connects to the raisin and then it will float. Thank you for your nice comment! Please reply soon!!!!!!

    from Leah (and Thomas)

  3. Hi Room 7
    I loved this experiment! who knew that raisins could actually be made to dance!
    I wonder if the CO2 would make other things dance? Have you tried any other foods as well?

    From Mrs Paton

  4. Hi Room 7
    that raisins can dance experiment sounds amazing .
    we are room three at tauranga primary school.

  5. Mrs Lyttle V2 Putaruru Primary SchoolNovember 8, 2013 at 10:01 PM

    Hi Room 7. I enjoyed seeing your dancing raisin experiment. I think I will try it with my class. Can you tell me approximately how long the raisins kept dancing for?


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