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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Holiday Highlights!

Welcome back to school! It's Term 4 and a busy term is in store for us all!

We hope everyone had a great holiday! Here our are Holiday Highlights below.

Please leave a comment (either on the voicethread or in the blog comment box) about what your holiday highlight was.


  1. To Room7
    Awesome holiday highlights. My holiday hightlights are going to camp, playing paintball, and learning to ride a clutch bike.
    From Titus

  2. To Room 7
    My awesome holiday highlights. My favourite part of the holidays is going to the Movies watching Smurfs 2 with my Mum and my cousin Tyron. That was so fun.

  3. We liked how we could hear your voices describe your holiday highlights! Lots of us have watched Turbo and the Smurfs! What fun holidays you had!

    Room 9 & Mrs Butler


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