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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jandals? What are they?

Mrs Beetham teaches at Richard Taylor School. This school is in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK.
We are connecting with this school to learn more about each other and to  develop a positive connection. 
Her class is called "Bishopdale" and they would like to know all about.....

Click here for the link to their post about jandals. I wonder if we can help them find out what jandals are?

Post a comment about why you LOVE jandals!


  1. I LOVE jandals because they come in so many different colours! I LOVE wearing them in summer!
    From Mrs Natusch

  2. We love jandals because...
    • You can wear them to the beach (Naroa)
    • You can slip them on easily (Thomas)
    • After swimming jandals make a funny sound when your feet are wet (Masyn)
    • You can take them off easily and quickly (Zoe)
    • They don’t make your feet sweat in summer (Tegan)
    • You can get them in different colours (Jade)
    • You don’t get blisters (Lucy)
    • You can kick them off easily (Poppy)


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