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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our School

Here is a video of our school that Tegan and Zoe made for our quadblogging friends. They used imovie to put the photos and videos together.
Well done girls! You have done a great job!

What questions do you have for us about our school?


  1. HI Tegan and Zoe
    Great video girls!
    I am wondering whether you need to include some wide shots of our school buildings and the school pool?
    From Mrs Natusch

  2. Hi Tegan and Zoe, we loved your video of your school but we do have some questions for you all:
    How many children go to your school? Anna
    How many classes do you have? Toby
    Do you have a gymnasium? Josie
    How many teachers at your school? Charlotte
    What sports do you play at your school? Ryan
    We noticed that your field is very dry. Is it hot in Hamilton? Mrs O
    We are an Area School. What is the highest year level at your school? Alyssa
    From Room 4, Lawrence Area School

  3. To Room 4
    Thank you for your comment
    We have 365 people at our school.
    We have 15 classrooms at our school.
    We do not have a gymnasium but we have a hall.
    We have got 14 classroom teachers and about 23 staff.
    At our school there's soccer,cricket,netball,basketball,swimming and more we also have cross country athletics and tablods sports day.
    Hamilton is really hot.
    We go up to year 6.
    What is a Area school.
    From Tegan

  4. Hi Tegan,
    An Area School is a school in a small country area that goes from Year 0 - Year 13. We have 132 students in our whole school and only 63 students in our Year 0-Year 6 age group, so your school is ALOT bigger than ours!
    Is there more than one school in Hamilton or do all of the children go to your school?
    From Room 4, LAS

  5. Does it snow where you live? What do you like to do for fun on the playground? What is grown in your garden? We have a garden at school, too. We grow tomatoes, sunflowers, and corn, though it's winter right now. Great job on the video!

  6. To Mrs. Forsberg
    Thank you for your comment!
    It does not snow at all here in Hamilton but it does in some areas of new zealand. It is very rare for it to snow in Hamilton. The last time it snowed I was 5 and now I am 8 and that's the only time it has snowed in my life time. It only snows in a place near Taupo. Lots of people go there in the middle of winter. We still have to wait a while for that because it is the start Autumn.On the playground we like everything there is we are even getting a new playground.In the enviro agents garden we got all sorts of plants like raspberry, tomatoes, broccoli and other things.
    From Tegan
    Room 7
    Vardon School

  7. To Mrs.forsberg

    I love your comment.No we have no snow in Hamilton. Sometimes it does in Christurch.I like monkey bars on the playground. We are growing raspberries. They are my favourite fruit.
    from Zoe
    Room 7
    Vardon School


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