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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wrap Free Wednesday

Today was our first Wrap Free Wednesday. We had to make sure that in our lunch boxes we didn't have many wraps around our food. Or we tried to be completely wrap free. 

Today we had 46 wraps and 6 out of 22 children wrap free. That is 27 %.

We set ourselves a goal.  Next week we hope to only have 30 wraps or less. We hope that 10 of us, at least, are completely wrap free. 


  1. Hello we are Mila and Samuel from Halswell School. Your free Wednesday is a great idea. At our school we dont have rubbish bins. We have to take all our rubbish home.

    1. Wow, Mila and Samuel; that's really interesting! What is the goal of this? Is it to prevent waste? Is waste removal expensive where you live?

  2. Hi powerful learners in room 7 we don't have any rubbish bins at our school.Do you have rubbish bins at your school ? where at Halswell school 9plus10 from Kate and

  3. That's inserting at at are school we have rubbish bins - trash cans. Why don't you have bins to get rid of your trash?

  4. Ka pai Room 7! Love the photo too!


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