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Friday, March 14, 2014

Class Award

Today at assembly room 7 received the class award. We received this award because of the connections we are making with other classes around the world. We are connecting with other NZ classes on twitter (@kidsedchatnz), quadblogging with NZ classes and classes around the world and using skype to connect and make global connections. 


  1. Wow Room 7, you really do deserve that award. Our class are really enjoying Quadblogging with you. Perhaps one day we'll be using Twitter too, just like you.

  2. Hi Room 7
    well done! You are modeling the importance of one of our 4 R's - relationships. Not only the relationships you have with your classmates, but also the ones you are making across New Zealand and the world. Together you are building a reputation for being amazing learners, and children and teachers will be very impressed with your learning!

    Enjoy the rest of your term.

    Mrs Paton

  3. wow you have a really big class much bigger then ours.Tearoha las.


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