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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Amazing Caves around the World

Watch this video clip on Amazing Caves around the World. Do you think the Waitomo Caves will be in it? Why?
What are the similarities and differences between these caves?
What do you find interesting and what questions do you have? Make a comment...


  1. Similarities...
    Katherine - they had stalacmites, stalactites and columns
    Victoria - they had the same shapes
    They had water
    Ashton - caves paintings and they are made of different elements
    Megan - there was a cave with a primary school inside!
    Loren - they were made out of different things - stone, crystal, ice
    Jade - some were made out of ice and snow
    Fin - some caves have paintings in them - old paintings

  2. To room7
    This video is so cool!
    I found it interesting that the waitomo caves is on that video of the top caves of the world. I also found it interesting that in China there is a pre-school in a cave.
    From Loren

  3. Wow Room7 sounds like you enjoyed your trip. Lots of interesting facts here. This is a question for Megan:What did the primary shool look like?, was it a great school like vardon school?And last of all if you lived in that cave would you want to go to that school?
    From Bronte


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